Bowling/Thunder Alley

Each of our 16 lanes feature a dining area, so you can enjoy Pintoros food delivered right to your lane!

Don't forget Thunder Alley with top 40 music, games, prizes and live entertainment every night!

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Glow Golf

Check out our 9-hole, glow-in-the-dark, pirate-themed glow golf course as part of an “all out fun” experience sure to bring you back!

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Our arcade is loaded with the most popular games for adults and children. Expect high ticket payouts and the best prizes at FatCats High Mania arcade.

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"Scratch" other pool houses. With popular appetizers or quality pizza that you can fuel your next shot with, there’s no reason you shouldn’t find yourself in the Billiards room at FatCats Rexburg.

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Challenge your friendship, teamwork skills, aiming, or whatever.

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